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This document describes Mailbox SDK (MCore library API), explained her appointment, architecture and provides answers to frequently asked questions.


What is Mailbox SDK ?

All programs for working with email outwardly resemble each other - they contains a mailboxes, each mailbox belong folders, each folder belong emails, and each email containing the “From”, “To”, “Subject”, Body text and Attach files. For every developer email program mailbox is a “black box” with complex and hard to understood structures, interfaces, formats, access rules and so on.


Mailbox SDK is a universal tool to work with the various email programs using the MCore library API functions. You use a simple 5 MCore API functions, and your application is compatible with more than 15 versions of the most popular programs: MS Windows Mail, MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Eudora. You did not change the source code of your application, if instead of MS Outlook Express decided to use MS Outlook.


Mailbox SDK provides ready, workable examples of the most popular decisions, you simply take out these examples from MCore SDK and make owned software products: Email Backup, Email Extractor, Mailbox Viewer, Attach Extractor, and so on.

Your application designed for a single email program, it automatically supports 15 immediately, while you do not spend the time to study them.


Trial version of Mailbox SDK, with examples of application on it, and are available free of charge, you can test and verify whether it is possible.


We have developed Mailbox SDK gained through 5 years of experience. We are aware of the problems that you will face, and chose them for you, the MCore API will allow additional MCore-get of the mail already dismantled and processed: attributes, email body text, attached files. All this sings at no additional cost and effort.


If you are not happy MCore functionality, you have the opportunity to recover their money within one month of purchase library.


The works to empower MCore Library unabated, added new email programs and their release. In doing so, we support MCore API interface, which is why, if your application is already done, you simply update the version MCore and get new opportunities for your product without changing its code.


What distinguishes MCore Library and the libraries of such programs?

MCore Library does not require the installation of mail programs with Mailbox which he works, with the exception of MS-Outlook, but MCore Library not runs mail program during the work, all happening in the background mode, transparent to the user.



Here you can see the full list of MCore API, divided into categories, and given brief comments to the. Click on the name of MCore API functions, if you want to find out more detailed information on the use of this function with Delphi, C++ or C#.


Please, see the abstract MCore API call model.

Read the 'How to' documentation:
Get copies of emails from MS Outlook Express DBX files.
Get copies of MSG messages from MS Outlook PST file.
Convert MS Outlook MSG messages files to RFC EML file.
Get attached files from MS Outlook PST file.


MCore library API Map:


Mailbox level API:

          OpenMailbox               Open a mailbox file.

          CloseMailbox               Close mailbox file.


Folder level API:

          GetFolderCount             Indicates the number of folder object descendants of a mailbox file.

GetFolderProp             Get properties of the specified folder object.


Mail level API:

          GetMailProp                  Get properties of the specified mail message.

          GetMailLength               Get the size of the selected mail message.

          GetMail                        Get a source code of the specified mail message.

          GetMailBodyLength        Get the size of the text part of the specified mail message.

          GetMailBody                 Get a text part of the specified mail message.


Attach level API:

          GetAttachCount             Indicates the number of attaches of the specified mail message.

          GetAttachProp             Get properties of the specified attach of the specified mail message.

          GetAttachLength           Get the size of the selected attach of the specified mail message.

          GetAttach                     Get the specified attach from the specified mail message.


Data Structures:

          TFolderProp                 Defines the properties of mailbox folder object.

          TMailProp                    Defines the properties of mail message object.

          TAttachProp                 Defines the properties of mail message attach object.


Services API:

 Registration and library version routines:

          GetCoreVersion           Get a current version of MCore library engine.

          SetRegisterKey             Registers an MCore library with a specified registration key.

          GetRegisterStatus         Get a registration status of the current copy of MCore library.

          GetRegisterInfo             Displays a personal info of the registered user.


 Debug routines:

          SetDebugMode             Turns ON or OFF debug mode.

          ShowDebugConsole     Turns ON or OFF a debug console.


 Mailbox and engines routines:

          SetMSOLibrary             Lets to specify a fully qualified file and pathname of the MS Outlook interface library.

          GetMailInEMLFormat     Turn ON or OFF a mode for retrieving mail messages in RFC-format.

GetOEMailbox               Get a fully qualified pathname to the default MS Outlook Express message storage.


Error Codes:

          Error codes list



MCore library API Hierarchy:

This scheme is presented hierarchy MCore API functions:

Mailbox object                                               Mailbox level API       (OpenMailbox, CloseMailbox)

Folder #1 object                                 Folder level API        

Mail #1 object.                         Mail level API             (GetMailProp, GetMailBody, GetMail, TMailProp)

Attach #1 object         Attach level API         (GetAttachProp, GetAttach, TAttachProp)

Attach #2 object

AttachCount-1   (GetAttachCount)

Mail #2

MailCount-1      (GetFolderProp, TFolderProp)

Folder #2

FolderCount-1   (GetFolderCount)



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