How to get email from DBX files MS Outlook Express.

With using: Direct Parsing method, IStoreNamespace interface or Mailbox SDK API.

MS Outlook Express keeps copies of emails in the file with the extension DBX. Each MS Outlook Express folder with the emails stored in a separate file with the appropriate name, like 'Inbox.dbx', 'Outbox.dbx' for 'Inbox' and 'Outbox' folders. Often, you application may need to read these files contained copies of emails or retrieve files attached to them.

You can direct read and reviewed these files, using so-called parsing. Here are links to an article on how to parsing the contents DBX files:

You can use oficial Interface called IStoreNamespace ( (VS.85). Aspx ). Get access to copies of emails, but only in the default store, and have MS Outlook Express installed.
Please note that you come to work with this interface directly, filling the complex data structures.
To save a copy of the email from the current DBX files, you'll come around to comply with such actions:

IStoreNamespace.OpenFolder (FolderId, 0, Folder);
IStoreFolder.OpenMessage (MessageId, @IID_IStream, StreamIntf);
IStream.Stat (Stats, 1);
IStream.Read (@ Buff [0], BuffSize, @BytesRead);
Stream.Write (Buff [0], BuffSize);

Keep in mind that you have already opened a store using IStoreNamespace and listed all the folders inside (GetFirstSubFolder, GetNextSubFolder).

You can use Mailbox SDK API in your application:

DBXHandle = OpenMailbox ( 'FullPath and DBX file name' );
for FolderCount = 0 to GetFolderCount - 1 do
   GetFolderProp (DBXHandle, FolderCount, Folder);
   for MailCount = 0 to Folder.MailCount - 1 do
      GetMail (DBXHandle, FolderCount, MailCount, Mail);

In this program code is no COM objects and not fill the complex data structures.
You specify the full path and file name any DBX Mailbox files. If you do not know where DBX file, you can use DBX file by default (MAPIDEF).
Using Mailbox SDK API GetFolderCount you get number of folders inside the Mailbox.
Using Mailbox SDK API MailCount you get a number of emails inside folder.
Using email numbers you turn to each of them.

If you replace DBX file MS Outlook Express, on the PST file MS Outlook, you do not come to change the code, to perform the most these action.
Mailbox SDK API specifically designed for use in VS C++, C# and Delphi.