Services API:

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Services API:


 Registration and library version routines:

          GetCoreVersion .         Get a current version of MCore library engine.

          SetRegisterKey .         Registers an MCore library with a specified registration key.

          GetRegisterStatus         Get a registration status of the current copy of MCore library.

          GetRegisterInfo .         Displays a personal info of the registered user.


 Debug routines:

          SetDebugMode .         Turns ON or OFF debug mode.

          ShowDebugConsole     Turns ON or OFF a debug console.


 Mailbox and engines routines:

          SetMSOLibrary .         Lets to specify a fully qualified file and pathname of the MS Outlook interface library.

          GetMailInEMLFormat   Turn ON or OFF a mode for retrieving mail messages in RFC-format.

GetOEMailbox   .         Get a fully qualified pathname to the default MS Outlook Express message storage.


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