MCore.ini file.

The MCore.ini contains MCore initial parameters, which can be changed before MCore library API call or run time.



If True the mail body will be retrieved in Email RFC format, or in native mailbox format if False (like MS Outlook MSG mail format).


GetMailInEMLFormat     True ; Enable email format

GetMailInEMLFormat     False ; Disable email format

See: GetMailInEMLFormat API



Set DebugMode to True to enable Debug mode or to False to Disable debug mode. If DebegMode is True (On) Mailbox library creates 'report.txt' file in

root folder of the application, and puts Debug information to this file during run-time.


DebugMode       True ; Enable debug mode

DebugMode       False ; Disable debug mode

See: SetDebugMode API



Shows Debug Console Windows during run-time with debug messages.


ShowDebugConsole       True ; Enable debug console window

ShowDebugConsole       False ; Disable debug console window

See: ShowDebugConsole API



If True, then the MCore.DLL calls MAPIUninitialize any time when application calls CloseMailbox API for .PST file.

If False, then MAPIUninitialize will not be called by MCore library.

Reason —

MS Outlook has to be fixed with future service packs.




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